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Golden Hour Med

Seat belt covers that relay medical information

even if you can't. 

What is Golden Hour Med?

In medicine, "golden hour" refers to the critical period of time following a traumatic injury or medical emergency, during which immediate and timely medical intervention can significantly improve patient outcomes. Those precious 60 minutes can be the difference between life and death. 


Our mission at Golden Hour Med is to give health care professionals the information they need when time matters the most. Our seat belt  covers relay important medical information for you and your loved ones, even when you can't. 

Mother and Child

Who would Benefit from GHM seat belt covers?

Insulin dependent Diabetics

Those with Autism 

Use of blood thinners

Hard of hearing

Alzheimers Disease

When an ambulance arrives to the scene, you might be frightened. You might be unable to speak. We are here to provide vital information to emergency responders for you and your loved ones.

And so many others

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Alexa Young, CA

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